The Experience

Inspired by [email protected], ‘Food for Thought’ brings ideas and nourishing meals to keep teams inspired and connected.

Your team selects a lunch option (see images) and you are joined live by Stanford University’s Glenn Fajardo.

Glenn explains the vital scaffolding that rituals played in traditional work — and how the absence of those rituals has led to confusion and ‘awkwardness’ amidst remote work. Glenn will help your team develop its own constructive rituals that build shared understanding and energy.

Program pricing and conditions:

$500 for the experience for up to 25 people plus $45 per lunch. Free shipping to Bay Area counties. $15 for other U.S. locations. International shipping is not available. Attendees must provide shipping addresses within 48 hours of order confirmation. Please allow seven day lead-time for order delivery.

Includes Kit Includes Kit
Vegan Option Vegan Option
$500 for up to 25 people
Artboard 1 48-hour hold available

The Creators

Glenn Fajardo is the co-author of the January 2021 “Rituals for Virtual Meetings: Creative Ways to Engage People and Strengthen Relationships” and a fellow at the Stanford University School of Design.

Glenn has spent the past five years teaching executive education classes at Stanford that emphasized how people can be creative together when they are far apart, including “Design Across Borders”, “Design Insider / Outsider” and “Long Distance Design”.

Glenn has been a student of virtual collaboration since 2008, working with teams across six continents engaged in social impact work. He was formerly the Director of the Global Network Co-Design Practice of TechSoup, and is trained in nuclear engineering and public policy.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals. Read more about the needs this experience could fill for your team.

Bond and Engage

What You Get

Your team can select either lunch kit below (delivered fresh):

Option 1

Carrot ginger soup, sweet onion sunflower bread, and cashew crema; or


Option 2

Quinoa, orange shallot, castelvetrano tapenade, citrus scented olive oil cake

Additional add-on options:

  • Food for Thought
    • - Soup, Bread and Spread
    • - Quinoa, Tapenade and Olive Oil Cake


Helen • February 2021
VP Events at $200M SaaS company

“…such a great international experience. wonderful for teams all-over.”


Arnaud • February 2021
Engineering leader with team of 8

“…phenomenal content and game; my team loved it.”

Philippe • February 2021
Product manager with team of 8

“…Glenn is a true expert; we loved that we got to make our own ‘ritual’.”