The Experience

How could revisiting pre-Prohibition cocktails deepen your team’s understanding of the drink?

Tom Bullock was the first African-American author to publish a cocktail manual, The Ideal Bartender. His book is notable as one of the last cocktail manuals published before Prohibition — and offers a rare view onto pre-Prohibition cocktail recipes and drinking culture in America.

Bullock drew the attention of George Herbert Walker, grandfather and great grandfather to two U.S. Presidents. Bullock drew further attention when he was involved in a libel case when ex-President Theodore Roosevelt sued for alleged libel regarding his drinking habits, and asserted he had only had a few sips of a mint julep cocktail made by Bullock. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch disputed Roosevelt’s claim, asserting that no one could fail to finish one of Bullock‘s cocktails.

And ever wonder where there Old Fashioned came from? Mr. Bullock, as well.

Taste two of Mr. Bullock’s most famous drinks while learning the impact a single bartender had on the art of cocktail making.

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The Creators

Sailor Guevara is a veteran of the spirits and hospitality industry, whiskey educator, and published mixologist.Sailor is the 2020 winner of the World of Whiskey Icon award – bestowed on the individual who most capably advances understanding and appreciation for the craft of whiskey making. She is an author and contributor to American Whiskey Magazine and an acclaimed podcast host.

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What You Get

A cocktail kit for this experience that includes:

– Syrups, bitters, applejack, gin, brandy and mixers to make two (2) craft cocktails

– A cocktail tool kit including a shaker, jigger, and spoon

– Two (2) different types of cocktail glasses


Non-alcoholic cocktail kit is also available.

Additional add-on options:

  • Book
    • - Tom Bullock's The Ideal Bartender
  • Snacks
    • - Olives and Artisan Crackers
  • Snack
    • - Plantain Chips


Lyana • November 2021

Director of Operations at $250M SaaS company

“…incredible story, we came away from this experience with a whole new appreciation for Tom Bullock…”


Peter • October 2021

VP of Finance of fast-growing start up

“…a great history lesson! Definitely brought us closer together…”

Dave • September 2021

CHRO at top pharmaceutical company

“…delicious drinks, fascinating story, can’t be beat…”