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2022 Team Refresh: Is it Time for a Fresh Start in January?

What is a 2022 team refresh?


As teams return after holidays, leaders are ensuring they start by planning a shared team experience.


Why? 2022 begins with uncertainty. For example, the recent back-and-forth on office reopenings has put additional pressure on employee morale and sense of stability and predictability.


Research shows the best managers use these times to develop culture and give teams a renewed sense of mission, purpose, and support.


So what would set the mood for 2022? 


Stanford University’s Bob Sutton helped us develop a list of priority areas and recommended Teamraderie experiences for teams at the start of 2022. 


2022 Team Refresh ideas:


1. Priority Area: Team Collaboration


Team Refresh for Collaboration


A Legendary NASCAR Coach’s Secrets of Collaboration


Mobilize your team with an engaging session. A legendary coach, who revolutionized the way NASCAR pit crews operated, helps your team see teamwork through the lens of professional pit crews. Your team will perform its own competitive, virtual pit stop (with a car Teamraderie sends you). The experience is led by Andy Papathanassiou.



2. Priority Area: Team Refresh


2022 Team Refresh


Team Refresh | Energy, Focus and Fun for Your Team


Studies show that the best teams do a “team refresh” every couple months (especially during the times of change). What do we need to do more of? What do we need to get rid of? The experience is led by Stanford’s Dr. Kathryn Segovia.



3. Priority Area: Plan for Success


Team Refresh to Plan for Success


The Power of Great Beginnings


At the start of the year, practice imaginary time travel as a team – “travel” back to the past and “look back” from an imaginary future. Studies show that engaging in mental time travel can help leaders and their team members get inspired and make better decisions.  The experience is led by Stanford’s Dr. Kathryn Segovia.



4. Priority Area: More Predictability


Team Refresh for More Predictability


Design a Team Ritual – A Game to Improve Work


One of the core human needs is a sense of control and predictability. It has been impacted with the constant change in the way teams are asked to work. Rituals that help people organize their lives and know where to focus on and what to ignore are important. The experience is led by Stanford’s Glenn Fajardo.



5. Priority Area: Better Relationships


Team Refresh for better relationships


Apply Radical Candor to Form Better Relationships


Experience is designed to help leaders and team members strengthen their communication muscles. E.g., learn how to lead explicit conversations about norms, provide feedback, call each other out for not following norms. Especially relevant for hybrid teams. The experience is led by the CEO or Chief Content Officer of Radical Candor.


We hope these ideas are helpful for you as you are starting the new year with your team.


Happy New Year!