9 Ideas for Holiday Team Building

  • Friday November 18, 2022
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As we approach the end of another year, it’s a wonderful time for leaders to consider holiday team-building activities. These activities can serve as an opportunity to connect, recognize and reward your employees for their dedication before they enjoy some well-deserved time off. It can also serve to rejuvenate teams ahead of beginning a brand-new year!

Check out these nine holiday team-building experiences guaranteed to suit the needs and interests of any team.

1. Holiday Gift Exchange

Invite your team to join one of our acclaimed hosts for a unique gift-giving experience. This experience is rooted in gaining a deeper understanding of your team members, and your team’s working relationships and exploring all of your team’s accomplishments throughout the year. The session concludes with a virtual gift-giving activity involving the assignment of characteristics to each team member. Following the session, a gift will be sent to each member based on the characteristic they were assigned. 

2. Holiday Wine Pairing Experience

Celebrate your team with a virtual wine pairing experience from the renowned Napa Valley winery Chateau Montelena. Your team will receive an elegant package including a full bottle of red or white Chateau Montelena wine, along with paired meats, dried fruits, and Rustic Bakery flatbreads. Do you have a team member that does not drink? Non-alcoholic wine is also available, as are vegan and gluten-free alternatives!

3. Extravagant Holiday Cocktails

Gift your team a happy hour! Attendees will receive a kit containing all ingredients to make two holiday-themed cocktails: The Caramel Hot Toddy and The Thyme for the Holidays. While learning the history of cocktails, your team will assemble and enjoy these unique beverages. Cheers!

4. Shake-Up Your Team This Fall: A Seasonal Cocktail Experience

Considering a pre-holiday gathering? Plan an experience to suit the season by making and enjoying two cocktails perfect for celebrating Autumn: The Sweater Weather and The No Business Like Snow Business. These vodka and tequila-based drinks are sure to encourage conversation!

5. Celebrate Together with Beer!

Join an acclaimed beer expert to enjoy unique, holiday-style craft beers. Attendees will receive four different beers for tasting along with a commemorative glass while learning about the impressive growth of the craft beer industry, the different styles of beer, and the ins and outs of running a brewery. Non-alcoholic versions with similar flavor profiles are also available!

6. The Afternoon Tea(m) experience

Is alcohol not your cup of tea (see what we did there?)? Snap your team’s mid-day slump and invite them to afternoon tea! Much like the cherished English tradition, this experience is a time to gather, celebrate and spice up your afternoon. Speaking of spice – each holiday tea time experience will include five types of winter-spiced teas, a variety of shortbread cookies, honey, and a ceramic Tea Forte tea-infuser mug. Your host will guide you through the process of brewing tea and teach your team about traditional English afternoon tea.

7. Deepen Team Connection Through Painting

Explore your team’s creative side with a unique painting experience. Led by a female-founded art studio in Northern California, this experience includes a canvas, paint, and brushes for each attendee and will focus on an identified theme, like a regional landmark or logo. Your instructor will facilitate discussion to allow team members to learn more about one another and lead you through the creation of your masterpiece!

8. Tartine Bakery and French Press Coffee & Tea Experience

Bring San Francisco’s famous Tartine Bakery to your team! Named “America’s Most Influential Bakery”, Tartine’s bread and baked goods are second to none. Indulge your team members with a hand-picked box of Tartine’s most sought-after items, paired with 12 ounces of ground coffee and a YAMA Coffee & Tea Press. Your barista host will instantly refine your team’s coffee preferences by demonstrating proper use of a French press while you enjoy the savory baked goods. Chef’s kiss!

9. Grow a Terrarium

Cultivate plants and team wellness at the same time! Team members will receive the materials needed to create a unique succulent terrarium while learning about the healing properties of plants. Your host will also discuss health and wellness, including opportunities to promote self-care and reduce stress.  

The holidays are a time for giving. Combine your giving with opportunities to get to know your team members on a more personal level. Not sure what the right experience is for your team? Take our quiz to find the best match. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Team Experiences

With over 800 wineries in Napa Valley, Chateau Montelena (from the critically acclaimed film “Bottle Shock”) consistently produces the world’s most acclaimed wine.

Celebrate your team while you learn the history of this world-famous winery and enjoy a full bottle of wine, dried fruits, and flatbread.

$195 per person
45 min
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