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10 Virtual Team Building Experiences to Build Connection, Commitment and Trust in Teams

Wednesday November 8, 2023

Virtual Team Building

Virtual teams encounter several challenges that leaders need to be prepared for. Keeping employees engaged isn’t easy when they aren’t in-person, with 41% of managers struggling to keep team members engaged—involved, enthusiastic, and motivated.

Virtual team building is a great way to bring remote teams together through communal activities. Teams come together to collaborate and bond as they would in an on-site environment.

If you’re hoping to find the perfect experience for your team, here’s an overview of why team building is important as well as ten experiences that your team can benefit from.

The Importance of Virtual Team Building

According to Gallup, engaged teams perform better and increase the chances of organizational success. Despite this, only 23% of employees are engaged. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), one of the best ways to keep virtual teams engaged is finding ways to share similar experiences while apart.

Disconnection is one of the primary culprits of this lack of engagement. HBR also reports that disconnected employees are much more likely to feel slighted by differing opinions.


Virtual team building can go a long way in turning these challenges around. When done right, team building can:

  • Connect virtual teams, both fully remote and hybrid
  • Strengthen relationships with coworkers
  • Help employees feel appreciated and acknowledged
  • Teach employees new skills that benefit their work
  • Generate new ideas through guided brainstorming sessions
  • And more

An article from Gallup demonstrates that the most important step in teamwork is establishing the outcome needed to improve. Teamraderie makes this step less taxing to you by dividing our experiences into themes based on deliverable outcomes. Whether you’re looking for an activity centered around growth or transparency, Teamraderie has an experience to fit your team’s needs.

Here’s a list of ten experiences that are excellent for virtual teams.

10 Virtual Team Building Experiences

1. Learn Authentic Communication with Award-Winning Poet IN-Q

Discover the importance of authentic communication and how to implement it in your team!

Communication is critical for virtual teams. Despite this, 30% of employees are frustrated with their bosses’ communication. According to HBR, virtual team building is a good way to improve your team’s communication and productivity.

In this experience, your team will begin by watching IN-Q perform a live piece of poetry. You’ll then be given a prompt to practice your own storytelling through poetry.

2. Accelerate Your Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative Together

Learn how to use generative AI to empower your employees and create value!

Generative AI is becoming increasingly popular, with 79% of employees reporting having some professional exposure to it. According to HBR, companies that leverage this tool successfully won’t do so in a way that replaces people, but instead augments their creativity.

In this experience, led by leadership and AI professor Paul Leonardi, you’ll participate in a workshop where your team will identify areas of work that aren’t adding value. You’ll then brainstorm how generative AI can assist in these areas using the STEP framework.

3. Hostage Rescue: An Exercise in Strategy and Teamwork

Build team alignment and initiative with an interactive rescue mission experience!

This interactive experience led by a Navy SEAL Intelligence Office, can help your team improve their communication and teamwork. According to HBR, virtual communication can be challenging, so learning how to communicate with your team is crucial.

Your team will be tasked with strategizing your way through a simulated hostage rescue. You’ll use a special digital rescue mission map provided by Teamraderie to collaborate and make decisions.

4. Tartine Bakery and French Press Coffee & Tea Experience

Take a break with your team by sharing an interactive tasting experience!

Research shows that sharing similar food is an excellent way for coworkers to connect. This kit-based experience allows your team to recharge and bond with their colleagues while enjoying delicious food from Tartine Bakery.

Each participant will receive a box of various baked goods from Tartine Bakery, as well as a YAMA French Press and their choice of coffee or tea. During the tasting, they’ll learn more about each other and have the opportunity to connect.

5. Discover the Science of Ice Cream Making

Learn a new skill with your team while enjoying a delicious snack from your desk!

This hands-on experience is intended to help your team connect through a shared experience. In the meantime, you’ll also learn a new skill together – making ice cream.

Everyone will be provided with the tools needed to craft this delicious dessert, and will be led by a food and beverage expert on how to make ice cream right at your desk. You’ll also be given several delightful toppings to add.

6. A Snack Journey Around the World With Your Team

Connect with your team through a global snack tasting experience!

HBR reports that 95% of senior executives are hoping to build globally diverse teams. Sharing a global experience is an excellent way to connect with members of different cultures, and open the door to important conversations.

In this experience, everyone will be provided with a kit containing three different snacks and a beverage from different cultures. You’ll then gather together with your team to taste the snacks and discuss your favorite. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how cultures are connected through snacks.

7. Tipsy Bubble Tea to Ignite Your Team

Enjoy a delicious beverage while bonding with your team!

It’s important to take breaks during the workday to connect with colleagues. This experience is a fun way to accomplish this, while enjoying a virtual happy hour at work.

In this experience, you’ll be guided by a food and beverage expert on creating two types of bubble tea mixed with alcohol. Every participant will be provided with a kit that contains everything needed to craft these two beverages. Non-alcoholic options are available.

8. Discover a Whole New World of Cheese with Your Team

Connect and learn about cheese with your team in a guided tasting experience!

As another shared tasting experience, this workshop allows you to enjoy eating together with your team while learning about the world of cheese. It’s an excellent way to give your team a break while fostering cohesion and connection.

This experience includes a kit with various cheeses and crackers. A cheese expert will teach you the finer details of cheese, and how it’s made.

9. Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow – An Olive Oil Tasting

Enhance connection through an interactive olive oil tasting experience!

Learn about the complexities of olive oil and how it’s produced while sharing a tasting experience with your team. This experience is an excellent way to connect with your team, and even share with clients and customers.

Everyone will receive a kit with three types of award-winning olive oil, balsamic vinegar, bread, and sparkling water to cleanse the palette. You’ll be led by a Certified Master Sensory Evaluator of Olive Oil in the best way to taste olive oil.

10. Tiki Time as a Team: A Cocktail & Mocktail Experience

Enjoy a virtual happy hour with your team!

Nearly half of Americans feel sharing a drink with colleagues improves their working relationships. This experience is a great way to take advantage of that connection.

With both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, everyone will receive a kit with the ingredients needed to make two tiki cocktails or mocktails.

Find Your Next Experience

As mentioned before, Teamraderie’s experiences are divided based on deliverable outcomes. If there’s a specific outcome you’re hoping to improve, such as connection or recognition, consider searching for experiences that are intended to improve those factors.

Unsure which experience to select? There are several ways you can find the right experience for your team:

  • Searching manually: Teamraderie has over 60 experiences to choose from. Feel free to search through them until you find one that looks enjoyable for your team!
  • Filtering by outcome: On the experience page, you can filter them based on the outcome you’re hoping to improve.
  • Taking our experience quiz: Take our experience quiz to narrow down your options and find the perfect experience.
  • Try TeamraderieGPT: Our new chatbot, TeamraderieGPT is designed to help you find the perfect experience for your team.

Our unique platform is backed by academic research and created in partnership with thought leaders in management. Click here to learn more about the Teamraderie difference.

Ready to find your next experience? Check out our list of experiences to find one that your team will enjoy and benefit from.

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