Your Office Day Agenda

Teamraderie provides leaders a unique service that makes it easy to arrange a worthwhile day in the office while giving people who choose to stay at home an equal opportunity to participate.

Making an office day worthwhile for your team is now affordable– and as easy as ordering lunch.

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Teamraderie works for a variety of office agendas

1. Planning Sessions

Prepare and inspire your team for the planning process.

Sample Agenda

• 9 AM: Teamraderie experience

Choreography and Lessons for Transformation in Business

Prepare and inspire your team for the planning process.

• 10 AM:  Planning session I

• 12 PM: Lunch

• 1 PM: Planning session II

• 3 PM: Teamraderie experience

Discover Whiskey Through the Untold Story of Nearest Green

Prepare and inspire your team for the planning process.

• 4 PM: Unstructured time

2. One-On-Ones With Team Members

Experiences can be tailored to suit your organization's needs.

Sample Agenda

• 9 AM:  1:1 meetings

• 12 PM: Teamraderie experience + lunch

• 1–5 PM: 1:1 meetings

A Legendary NASCAR Coach’s Secrets of Elite Teams

Add a moment of connection and engagement for the entire team.

3. Project launch

Set up your team for success at the start of a new project.

Sample Agenda

• 9 AM: Teamraderie experience

The Power of Great Beginnings

Set your team up for success and establish new team rhythms.

• 10 AM: Project launch activities

• 2 PM: Teamraderie experience

Are You Ready to Win? Tips from World’s Fastest Woman

Wrap up launch activities with an experience to inspire and motivate your team for the project.

• 3 PM: Unstructured time

Why does your office need Teamraderie?


Teamraderie handles shipping logistics to send kits to employee homes or multiple to an office. 


No matter where an employee is based, everyone gets kit or invite details at the same time. 


Backed by academic research and the learnings of top companies in the U.S. 

Customer reviews

"We scheduled two experiences for our in-office day and everyone showed-up to attend."
Sriram G.
"I need to be sensitive both to those who want a day together in the office and to those who have obligations that mean they work elsewhere. Teamraderie lets me create an inclusive environment for both."
Kathy R.

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