Transition to Hybrid Work

Are you preparing your team for a hybrid work model later this year?

We are at the precipice of a disruption as great as last year’s sudden shift to remote work. Experts cite four practices to start now to ensure success in hybrid work.

Develop the discipline of inclusion.

“Inclusion is a deliberate motion. During meetings, watch air time and make sure that every person (remote or in-office) gets a fair share of it. Invite people with perceived lower status (e.g., junior team members) to speak first.”  

Tsedal Neeley

Harvard Business School

Invest in giving your people new perspectives.

“Employee expectations are changing, and we will need to define productivity much more broadly — inclusive of collaboration, learning, and wellbeing to drive career advancement for every worker.”

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft

Start to elevate the quality of your meetings now

“McKinsey found 80% of remote workers said they enjoy working from home, and 69% are just as or more productive at home. If the boss is asking people to come to the office, she should be ready to deliver a better meeting’ experience.”

Glenn Fajardo

Stanford University

Organizational culture trumps geographical differences.

“Culture is shared values (what we believe in) and shared norms (how we do things). Each team leader should be a culture carrier. Make sure that you are explicit about shared values and norms. Make sure that you demonstrate them.”

Tsedal Neeley

Harvard Business School

Glenn Fajardo

How Teamraderie experiences help hybrid teams


Experiences and designed to give team members equal opportunity for participation.

shared culture

Experiences provide an engaging way to reinforce your vision and values with distributed teams.


Experiences provide a way to practice self-disclosure and empathy.

Equity and fairness

Experiences build psychological safety; employees are more likely to speak up.

Cross-functional Ties

Experiences help stay connected with other teams despite differences in schedules.

Goals and Purpose

Idea-centric experiences present a new way to talk about norms and goals.


Teamraderie creates special bonds in teams that are highly valued by employees.

Worthwhile Meetings

Thoughtful experiences improve quality of in-office and remote meetings with no extra effort.


Teamraderie puts new remote and office hires on a comparable footing.

Ready for Hybrid Work? with Tsedal Neeley

Ready for hybrid work?

Join Harvard Business School’s Tsedal Neeley and Stanford University’s Robert Sutton in a guided discussion on hybrid work May 4th.

Example experiences for hybrid teams


Teamraderie experience profiled in the Wall Street Journal that leads to rapid creation of meaningful relationships. Top-rated experience.

A Wine Tasting and Ode to Curiosity in Business

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Includes Kit

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Startup winery shocks the world and creates 40+ years of #1 wines by practicing a “Culture of Curiosity.” Drink great wine and discuss what such a culture could mean at your company and how to foster it effectively.


Invite Stanford University’s leading professor on creativity and teamwork to guide your team through creative exercises before your next brainstorm.

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