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Show your team appreciation!

Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st. Celebrate your employees all month long with one of the below experiences.

A digital game that builds belonging and connection

A joyful hands-on ice cream making experience

Share your story with Emmy-nominated poet IN-Q

Gifting activity to visualize team success and share appreciation

Sample innovative snacks and get inspired by their founders

Discover the Olympic mindset with Nadia Comăneci and Bart Conner

Improve team dynamics with improv games

Conquer complexity with Taylor Swift choreographer

Unlock your team’s creativity with Stanford’s top professor

Develop champion level resilience with Olympian Lilly King

Learn conversation techniques to build deeper connections

A terrarium-building wellness activity to destress and find zen

Unwind together with a zen painting & wine tasting activity

A cookie decorating activity to spark joy

Frequently Asked Questions

Teamraderie experiences work for teams of all sizes, though the optimal team size is 5-12 people.

Yes! Connect with your team regardless of location — nearly all of our experiences are available globally. Visit the experience finder to filter by globally available experiences.

Yes, Teamraderie experiences can be done in-office, hybrid, or fully remote.

Your team will receive a series of four evidence-based tips over the month following the experience. These tips include both research and actionable steps to take to continue building upon the topics your team learned in the experience.

First, read and implement the evidence-based tips you receive each week following the experience. These emails include actionable ways to continue the conversation and grow toward the target outcome. Then, continue to share Teamraderie experiences every three months with your team. A quarterly cadence ensures your team prioritizes time together to learn new skills and improve team dynamics.

Browse our experience finder to select the perfect experience for your team. Then, click ‘Book Now’ and enter your details. Contact us via chat or email with any questions you have about the process and our team will be happy to help.